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The war wid the labs started in XIth and has ever since been a nightmare\(even more scary). Well, i kinda breezed through XIth cuz of Rohan.(He lent me all his readings) and thus i never had trouble getting the records signed. Nothing good lasts forever!! Soon came the lab exams(internals of course) and Rohan vanished(must be black magic!!), and i din even get close to the answer in salt analysis(i was the only, as in “THE ONLY”; one among maybe 100+ students; who din get the answer). And i still blame it on the hard water!!And NOW ppl tell me all the short cuts to analyze a salt!! (funny!!)..
And the physics lab was good cuz the sir was alwaiz nice to meΒ  πŸ˜›

Soon XIIth came my way, and cuz i was doin so well in studies that i was shifted to another school πŸ™‚ that had a notorious teacher who hated me too!! Which merely implies that i was treated like a worm and squashed everytime i crossed paths wid him\her. I must be the one who got the maximum no: of “REPEAT” (as in repeat the experiment till i’m happy)in my rough record. There was this time when i’d to do a repeat (alone) and i got the proper answer and he\she wrote in my book ” when teacher is not around, u become an expert” !! God, i so love that teacher!!
I managed to wriggle out with “bad” marks in 12th.

Now here i am, struggling to be an Electrical Engineer and i still do not know the difference btw line and phase volatges, and i cant tell a motor 4m a generator!!
During the sem3 labs, the external examiner asked me if that was the first time i’d entered the lab!!(how i wish i answered that one, but the fear of a supplie kept me 4m doin it )
sem4 was equally bad where i landed up wid a 40 marks for C lab 😦

Today i’d gone to the lab supposedly to try out circuits.Pathetic. The output shud’ve been a cosine wave, and i got a square wave!!( i know, i am a genius)
wonder whats in store for me the next sem..
I so so so loove labs..


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Hardships of ma life :(

October 29, 2008 at 2:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Very few people in this world wud’ve had this problem that im about to tell u guys.
well, it isnt some big “to-be-world-ender” problem. But weight probs rather.
Shudve been in 2003 that my brother “noticed” that i was getting F-A-T. aah, well there were other ppl too, like my athletics coach (hu din let me run, cuz i was getting fat!!). And then i moved to a hostel (ok, i must confess that i was happy moving cuz the general opinion was that u’d get thin in a hostel), and it worked just the opposite for me.
I “ballooned”!! I peaked to about 50kg (that is quite fat, since i’m like 145 cm tall :P)
There was nothing in the world i wudn try to get thinner. My brother had a pet name for me “arisimootta”( sack of rice!)
Crash dieted for Twooooo weeks (had to give up cuz i was starved). Watched with an ocean full of saliva in my mouth , bro eating French fries and chocolate cakes.
Then i tried to eat “scientifically”, i mean balanced food that even cows wud think twice before even sniffing at it!. Din work again cuz i made me think of cows.
Well then i resorted to exxcercing, jogging, running, and many other “ings” that i invented… Sigh…
Must tell u, these methods made me fatter, cuz i was hungrier!!
Finally, i joined the college that im in now, and Bhooom, i was thinner in 1 month. ( Due to various reasons.. 😦 ))
Guess what my 2nd major problem is!! I still hawnt stopped geting thinner 😦
Im 4okg now, still losing.
It seems like even ppl on the street wud stop me to ask me “what happened to u ?? “
Most people are scared of how my mom wud get me married off!!
“Look at those collar bones”, Look at all those veins jutting out”, “Are u not eating anything?”, and the most funniest ” Do u need to talk” ??” ((5 yrs back, i wudve died to hear nething even vaguely resembling these!)
sigh… Shud try Gluttoning.
Looks like my lifes gonna be a constant struggle wid “sigh”s….

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my joy ride in a KSRTC bus…

October 26, 2008 at 4:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Of all means of traveling to Cochin, my favorite happens to be by the KSRTC buses.
Those buses in red and yellow, green or blue colour. The most attractive part of these kinda buses is that they have only “ONE” door, for both entry and exit. This fact makes it all the more exciting for people (men and women) who love the art of “touching”, “grooping”, and such other activities “interesting” .
Get into a crowded bus (no other option during peak hours, and weekends) and u’re seriously done for life.
Yesterday was one such day(saturday, 9:30 am). The bus was- as- xpected-crowded.
I was standing next to the womens section of the bus (to keep myself safe from whatever my mom had warned me ). Sadly though, the bus kept taking in more ppl tahn it could hold, and men started infiltrating into where i was standing. I dont have enuf guts in me to explain what happened next. I dont even know if it was a man or a woman.And felt like something had like blocked my larynx, i cud nt evn squeak! All i wanted to do at that point was to get out and puke out the disgust. Wonder if i’m pregnant!!
Christ, being a girl is so difficult and traumatic. and im so small too, wonder whats it like for the “girlier” girls!. If these people(touch-maniacs, i wud call them) wanted to touch and fondle someone so badly cant they just get married to big sized bithch!!! ughm!!
Thats it for now, ill keep on adding new stuff as it happens to me or someone i know.
I can feel the warm bile rising up my throat now…!

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October 23, 2008 at 4:37 pm (Uncategorized)

aah, i hate kids…, God who even named those squirmy creatures “kids”…
How can the once so-cute babies transform(or grow up) into such blood sucking monsters??!!!
The word kid by itself is cyooot, but the minute i get to “meet” one of the specimens in the sub-species ” kids” i totally completely freak off…
They scream, and hit and bite u and u are expected to stay in control and not hit them back!!!
Tell me, is this a fair world???
There are some who want to get right into my nerves, i think that they do realize that they’re irritating me, and that probably gives them they drive for the next 2 hours!!!
There are yet others who just madly rush into my room, pick up everything pickable and start throwing them around, and i have no other option than to stay smilin at them.
My neighbour has 2 kids, both of them well behaved cute lill angels! i just have to hear their voice and i squamble for cover, kinda hide-or-die situation!
Its during such “alwaiz wanna avoid” situations that ppl invent survival or evolutionary tactics like bathing or sleeping for an unlimited period . Alwaiz feel like bundling them up and throwing them away.Y cant some child-picker come steal them and sell them in some meat shop!!
( i know, i’m a bad mean girl)
The artistiaclly inclined ones are my favourite kind.They can draw and scribble and throw paint and nail polish on the floor, my records, and books that cost me a fortune (Rs 300)., with their moms standing by proudly watching their offsprings express themselves!!
The wierdest thing is that my mom tells me that i too would find these “things” cute, when i have dozen!! of my own.
wonder if its even worth a try.

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phantom dance of my life!!!

October 22, 2008 at 2:21 am (Uncategorized)

why are we born into this world?? ha ha.. nice question…
fulfill our duties, destiny, merely a stupid game played by god, as some others wud give in..
i seriously dont have an answer. ok, i’m feeling down and terribly depressed now(dont know if its not bad confessing).
i mean, whats the big deal, just put an end to all this, do something to end up in mere oblivion!!
i tell myself, okay meril, think of something nice, do something “useful”..
ha ha again., if i cud do that. then y am i here, using full force on my keyboard???
am i depressed or am i crazy??

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meet the bitch

October 21, 2008 at 9:32 am (Uncategorized)

The names meril. Confirmed hard core super bitch!!!
Me as i know… was hard figurin out so much..


most of the time i’m confused about a whole lotta stuff..
and when i’m not, i’d think that i’m the world’s smartest… but then some idiot has to come my way and confuse me all the more!!
in the end… I’m alwaiz confused..
hey,, that does not mean that i’m stupid, just that i’m confused!!
And, i have this remarkable ability to confuse people around me too!!
so, its kinda “confyoosing” to have me around..


i can be the like the text book definition of a sweet cutie girl. fun to be with.
happy go lucky, i do smile a loot (kinda nasty smile dho
i laaav playing pranks, and getting ppl into trouble , kinda derive joy outta it.. , laav trying out weird stuff , whateva it maybe..
i like runnin around doing something, making myself useful is the last thing i’d do..


for relationships that have survived the 1st 2 parts of my ever changing character, the third one is tuf..
it cud be equivalent to purgatory., cuz i happen to be the real mean mean mean girl who can kill u wid my tongue lashings…
the “gloomy” days are another story, cuz i can be soo gloomy and depressed that”ll break your nerves.. and i’m a branded “angry girl”. . very demanding and possessive.

There are very few hu’ve survived ,a nd are still hanging on..

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